Clinical or Healthcare Facilities

Suits You Best

According to your responses, you are most interested in relieving pain and anxiety. You would prefer the outcome-based nature of medical massage. Focusing on a particular injury or source of pain and applying specific treatments to help relieve patients’ conditions.

  • You can envision yourself working in a clinical setting.
  • You can work with patients who are critically ill without becoming overly emotional.
  • You have superior communication skills and can work effectively alongside other health care professionals.
  • You understand health care protocols regarding patient privacy.
  • You have an interest of learning basic medical terminology.
  • You may enjoy keeping up with current research being done in the massage therapy feild.
  • You are interested in the expected outcomes massage therapy has for specific health conditions.
  • You are comfortable documenting interactions with patients and reporting to other healthcare professionals.

Other Possible Massage Settings

These results are simply an indicator of what might interest you based on your answers. If you feel like you weren’t matched with a result that fits your personality, interests, or background, take a look at other Massage Therapy career settings: