A Hospitality Setting

Suits You Best

According to your responses, you would be an integral member of a team that builds a calm and comfortable atmosphere for clients. With continued education and the right skills, you could advance into a management-level position.

  • You are comfortable in a structured environment and would enjoy working in a luxury spa, resort, or wellness setting.
  • You can create a memorable experience with a warm, welcoming personality.
  • You are comfortable with taking one-time clients who seek relaxation, stress reduction or rejuvenation as the primary reason for their visit.
  • You prefer to have a set schedule.
  • Self-marketing is not a primary interest of yours.
  • You are interested in learning about or providing other services such as body wraps, scrubs, and hydrotherapy.
  • You excel at customer service and see the value in introducing and selling new products to your clients.
  • You would like to be in a place that offers opportunities to learn new hands-on techniques.

Other Possible Massage Settings

These results are simply an indicator of what might interest you based on your answers. If you feel like you weren’t matched with a result that fits your personality, interests, or background, take a look at other Massage Therapy career settings: