Learn how to

Give A Chair Massage

Complementary Chair Massage Workshop Wednesday May 6th, 2pm

Learn how to give a satisfying chair massage that will impress your friends & family!
Did you know a chair massage can boost your energy, alertness, and productivity? Those chairs work hard to make us feel tired, dull and lazy. Take back the chair!

Join our Complementary Intro to Chair Massage & Body Mechanics class on May 6th from 2-5pm to learn how to give a satisfying chair massage that will impress your friends & family. A massage can help others to relax, reduce stress, release tight muscles and just feel better. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do that?

With an emphasis on using proper body mechanics to help you with endurance and prevention of injuries, you will learn techniques that you can use anywhere.

In addition to this free, hands-on learning event you will be able to tour the NHI Petaluma campus, meet our current students, and staff.

Plus you’ll get a gift. Come on, everyone wants a free gift!

Contact Antonella DiCandia at (707) 639-4066 ext 127 to reserve your spot.

Cheri Brown | Petaluma Campus’s photo

Before NHI, I was doing the mom thing…feeling very safe and comfortable. Going to NHI was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I chose NHI because of what they offered, not just learning the skill of massage but also learning marketing skills, and business skills. I now have my own practice with a team of five massage therapists.

Cheri Brown | Petaluma Campus





“The people at NHI have brought me to a place where I believe in myself. I walked into the door and I immediately felt like I was at home. NHI has given me the opportunity to find work that I love.”

Talitha Ekama - Massage Therapy Ambassador– Marc Hoffman | Petaluma Campus


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