Working With Athletes

Suits You Best

According to your responses, you have an interest in fitness, post-injury rehabilitation, and flexibility. You have high attention to detail and are able to build a good rapport with your clients.

  • You are interested in working with all types of athletes, from weekend joggers to collegiate or professional athletes.
  • You are willing to adapt to your diverse clientele’s personalities and schedules.
  • You are interested in relieving pain from injuries, overexertion, and training.
  • You are able to quickly identify and help correct faulty motor patterns that inhibit an athlete’s performance.
  • You are interested in biomechanics and the muscular system.
  • You are interested in learning how to work with minor chronic disabilities and injuries.
  • You are interested in collaborating with athletic trainers and strength coaches.
  • You might enjoy volunteering at weekend charity walks or sporting events to network and get to know new clients.
  • Continuing education is important to you to stay abreast of the evolving field of sports medicine.

Other Possible Massage Settings

These results are simply an indicator of what might interest you based on your answers. If you feel like you weren’t matched with a result that fits your personality, interests, or background, take a look at other Massage Therapy career settings: