Cinco de Mayo Massage Fiesta
12:30pm - 2pm @ NHI San jose

Salsa, Chips & Cheese dip will be flowing as you celebrate Cinco de Mayo with current NHI students. Bring your friends & enjoy Complementary lime and strawberry sugar scrubs!

The world’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations take place in Los Angeles. Double your celebrations this year by eating salsa, chips and cheese dip with our NHI Los Angeles team while learning more about our massage therapy training program.

Massage therapy is a career rich in meaning as you are helping others to be healthy and happy every day. Your focus will be to help others relax, reduce stress, release their tight muscles and just feel better – how noble!

Take your first step towards learning more and drop by to meet us. Our Admissions Representatives will be available to talk about our curriculum, schedules, tuition, and financial aid. Current students and instructors will also be celebrating with us so you can learn first-hand what your future can be.

Too bad there won’t be any margaritas but, on the bright side, you’ll smell like one with our Complementary lime and strawberry sugar scrubs!

Contact Chauncy Sherman at 818.540.6014 ext 111 to RSVP.


"What I love about NHI is that they offer a really great Massage Therapy Training Program. The Massage Therapy Training Program is the foundation of what you will grow into and become as a massage therapist, and it covers all of the things that you really need to know and be aware of as a massage therapist. They also have a 450 hour program and that is what really helped me get a leg up in the industry."

Talitha Ekama | San Jose Campus
Talitha Ekama | San Jose Campus
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