Thai Massage Sampler, May 7th at NHI San Francisco

Learn how to improve your sleep quality, flexibility, & gain a greater awareness of your body and mind at our Thai Massage Sampler class.

Learn how to improve your sleep quality and flexibility while gaining a greater awareness of your body at our complementary Thai Massage Sampler class.

Thai massage uses yoga-style stretches to help attain a true level of relaxation as stress is depleted from your muscles. Sore or tense muscles can cause you to lose range of motion.

Thai massage is the answer to get your strength and flexibility back.

Experience the benefits of Thai massage yourself and learn more about this exciting modality on Thursday, May 7, 2015 from 2-5pm at our NHI San Francisco campus.

Impress your friends and family as you learn more about massage. You can help others to feel healthy and happy every day – who wouldn’t want to learn more!

Thai one on, with us!

Please RSVP with Lindsay Medina at 415.861.2245 ext 216 to reserve your spot!


"I feel a lot more happier and content with myself. I actually love waking up in the morning and going to work and having that interaction with my clients and seeing the vast improvements in their lives. It’s really rewarding."

Freddie Cadiente | San Francisco Campus
Freddie Cadiente | San Francisco Campus
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