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8 Month Massage Therapy Career Training Program in San Francisco

Whether you're just starting out, ready to make a career change, or perhaps looking for a second source of income. If you're a compassionate, intuitive person interested in holistic healing and helping others and you're looking for a rewarding career that fits your lifestyle, you owe it to yourself consider your potential in massage therapy.

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San Francisco Massage School Campus

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Whats great about San Francisco Campus?

  • Fully Supervised Teaching Massage Clinic
  • Hands-On Learning Labs & Resources
  • Career Placement Support Department
  • Onsite Financial Aid Specialists
  • Parking

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California. Beloved by tourists and residents, San Francisco is known for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, the former prison on Alcatraz Island, and its Chinatown district.

Recomended Reviews of NHI

Nena R. on Yelp Nena R. Hillsborough, United States

I graduated from NHI in April 09'. I loved being there so much, I went back to TA. The staff is amazing! I highly recommend people considering a career in massage to go to NHI. The placement cord. are awesome & super helpful. I now have a job at Massage Envy. I couldn't have made a better decision! The cost of your education is pretty steep, but well worth it. Plus, NHI is very reputable. It really does help when an employeer notices that your graduated from NHI on your resume. =)

As for the's learning environment, so you can't pick & choose. Everything is set the way it is on purpose. The students have to be prepared for what's to come once they graduate, as it would be in the "massage world." Plus like others have said. It's a $35 massage for 50 min & you don't have to tip your can't beat that! If you were to go to downtown SF for a massage, you'd be looking to spend $80 for a 50 min massage.

There's nothing bad I can say about NHI. I will forever have a 2nd little family w/the staff & my classmates from NHI. =)

Jesi G. on Yelp Jesi G. Dublin, United States

I am a student at NHI and I love the broad range of modalities offered here. The individual attention that I recieve here helps me feel supported and prepared for life after school, and makes going to school concievable for someone who works full time and commutes. If you are looking for a massage school to go to, and this one seems a bit high in the price range, remember that it is nationally accreditied (very important if you need govt' assistance) and the networking that happens here is invaluble. These are things that make NHI stand out from the hord of massage schools in the bay area.

Kristin S. on Yelp Kristin S. San Diego, United States

I went here for school, gave massages, and received them.

The education was great! They were very supportive and have helped even after I have left.

The clinic is very nice. Students work really hard to provide customized massages to help people heal. Knowing from experience, students really do work hard to provide good customer service and quality body work. They are there to learn how to help people afterall.

I've gone to clinic to receive massages post-graduation and its nice. They are attentive to your health and preferences. Plus is super cheap! Tips aren't permitted, but i like to sneak them :)

Get Prepared for California State Certification

Upon completion of this program, graduates are fully prepared and qualified to take the MBLEX exam required for California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) Certification.

After completing 500 hours of the program, you'll be eligible to begin the application process for CAMTC certification. Once you’re certified you can work in the massage therapy field. If you become certified before graduating the program, you can begin working while you finish your training.


"I feel a lot more happier and content with myself. I actually love waking up in the morning and going to work and having that interaction with my clients and seeing the vast improvements in their lives. It’s really rewarding."

Freddie Cadiente | San Francisco Campus
Freddie Cadiente | San Francisco Campus
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