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Massage Training: Advanced 450 Massage Program Curriculum

450 hour Massage Therapy Training Curriculum

Graduates of the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program will be able to evaluate and differentiate between myofascial pain or dysfunction, as opposed to injury, and to employ effective techniques to address these issues with significant client results.


  • Massage therapists with a minimum of 500 hours of training, or;
  • Training in other healthcare disciplines

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400 hour Massage Therapy Training Curriculum
  • Designed as a fully integrated 450-hour program
  • Enroll in any 90-hour module or all five
  • Advanced programs are offered year round and located on our Emeryville, San Jose, Los Angeles-Studio City, and Orange County-Santa Ana campuses
  • Work in healthcare settings such as: Hospitals, Doctors' offices, Physical Therapists' offices and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Utilize your skills in high-end spas and resorts, with sports teams and Sports Medicine settings, and as private practitioners with independent or referral-based clients.

Approved Continuing Education Provider for the following:

NCBTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork BOC - Certified Athletic Trainers Board of Registered Nursing Acupuncture Board

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Neuromuscular Therapy Massage Pain Management Massage Skills for Medical Massage Injury Prevention Massage Injury Rehabilitation Massage Soft Tissue Injury and Healing Massage Somatics Massage Cadaver Lab myofascial therapies Longevity in the Massage Profession Critical Analysis of  Massage Client Needs Re-Invigorating your Massage Business Advanced Myofascial Therapy Orthopedic Massage Trigger Point Therapy Massage Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Skills for Clinical Sports Massage advanced 450 hour program

Curriculum Descriptions

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Advanced Deep Tissue
distinguish between "deep" as in "heavy pressure" and "deep" in terms of finding and feeling the layers of the muscles. Advanced massage training indeed.
Cadaver Lab
students get to actually see the "layers" of fascia and muscle they have studied, learn to distinguish arteries from veins, and see the body organs fully enveloped in fascia
Critical Analysis of Client Needs
learn to take the information clients give, assess it against your background of anatomy, and plan a customized session to address their concerns
Injury Prevention
explore how to work with a client's pain and dysfunction before it becomes an actual injury, explain the process to a client, and set up the appropriate number of sessions to get specific results
Injury Rehabilitation
learn to break down scar tissue, apply PNF stretches, employ lymphatic techniques, deep transverse friction, and post surgical massage to clients who have been medically diagnosed with a particular condition
Longevity in the Massage Profession
discover how to provide deep work without using much pressure, how to respond to client injuries, and achieve very real results
Myofascial Therapy
understand the connection between muscles and fascia so that you will be able to free the muscles from painful entrapment
Neuromuscular Therapy
distinguish between a tight muscle and a clinical condition, apply effective massage, and educate the client on how to engage the muscles in a healthy way
Orthopedic Massage
explore specific assessment tools to determine if massage is appropriate for a certain condition, or if you should refer the client to another health professional
Pain Management
obtain skills to assess if a muscle is the actual cause of pain, and apply appropriate massage
Re-Invigorating Your Business
add exciting new dimensions to your professional work, to increase your business, by collaborating with other health care professionals and being able to work with clients with special needs
Skills for Clinical Sports Massage
find out the causes of an injury in order to coach the client on what activities to avoid while healing, and design a series of sessions to initiate the healing
Skills for Medical Massage
learn in-depth client history-taking, strategizing, and collaboration with other health professionals
Soft Tissue Injury and Healing
study the physiology of soft tissue injury to determine what stage of injury the client is in. also learn the usual causes of soft tissue injury, and be able to educate clients on avoiding re-injury
study posture and learn to re-educate the brain to start releasing long-held patterns through very specific exercises
Trigger Point Therapy
understand the real nature of a muscle "knot", the common name for a Trigger Point. distinguish between Active, Latent, and Satellite Trigger Points and how to relieve the pain they cause

Important information per the Code of Federal Regulations is available including the federal occupational profile, related occupations, graduation rates, median debt of graduates completing this program, program completion, placement, gender/ethnicity breakdowns, and more.

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