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Veterans Like You

Thrive as Massage Therapists

NHI Is Proud To Help Veterans & Military Spouses Build Rewarding Civilian Careers Helping Others

Massage Therapy is the most widely used complementary healthcare modality in the United States. Massage Therapists are more in demand now than ever before. There is no better time to take the discipline and dedication you learned in the military and start a new rewarding career as a Massage Therapist.

At NHI getting started is easy. We will work with you, whether you are deployed, on active duty or a veteran.

NHI Is The Top Military-Friendly College Of Massage Therapy, We Offer:

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill®, Montgomery GI Bill®, REAP, VEAP, and Survivors and Dependents Assistance benefits eligibility
  • Military tuition rates and scholarships
  • Dedicated in-house military student specialists to support your academic career
  • Financial Aid available for those who qualify
  • Nationally accredited high-quality massage therapy education and over 3o years of experience.

Get The Support You Need To Launch A Successful Career

Massage therapy training isn’t just about getting a diploma to hang on the wall – it’s about creating the future you desire.

As an NHI student, you will be mentored by a dedicated and passionate team of massage therapy professionals committed to your success. You will also have access to a Student Life and Career Counselor to assist you with each step from your first day of class to your first day of work as a Massage Therapist.

It is our mission at NHI to help you find work you love. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 over 87% of our graduates were working in the field of massage therapy.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Massage Therapy School Student, Eric Wessel – U.S. Air Force’s photo

My name is Eric Wessel. I am a veteran of the Iraq war. I have chosen to pursue a career in massage therapy with NHI because I have experienced stress at its highest level. It took a toll on my mind and body. So in relation to the mind and body I feel it is important to have balance in them. Massage is one way to achieve that goal. I feel that giving a massage is therapeutic for me as well. It lets me get into a calmer space. I also enjoy seeing the difference in people when they receive a great massage. I am glad to have work that makes a difference to people.

Massage Therapy School Student, Eric Wessel – U.S. Air Force