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To Be A Professional Massage Therapist

8 Month Massage Therapy Career Training Program in Santa Ana

Whether you’re just starting out, ready to make a career change, or perhaps looking for a second source of income. If you’re a compassionate, intuitive person interested in holistic healing and helping others and you’re looking for a rewarding career that fits your lifestyle, you owe it to yourself consider your potential in massage therapy.

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Santa Ana | Orange County Campus

201.E Sandpoite Avenue, Suite 100
Santa Ana, CA 92707


MON – FRI / 8:15am – 10:15pm
SUN / Closed

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Whats great about Santa Ana Campus?

  • Fully Supervised Teaching Massage Clinic
  • Hands-On Learning Labs & Resources
  • Career Placement Support Department
  • Onsite Financial Aid Specialists
  • Parking

A part of California’s Orange County, Santa Ana and its surrounding area offers world-class shopping, dining, boating, swimming and surfing opportunities. Visitors and residents enjoy the outstanding amenities and atmosphere Santa Ana has to offer.

Recommended Reviews of NHI

Ryan C.

Ryan C.


United States


One of the best schools for massage therapy.

Tracy C.

Mark G.

Los Angeles,

United States


This school is the best for massage therapy ever! All of the staff and faculty, including Hedy, Genevieve, John, Marianna, Joey, Sara, April, Paul, and the rest of the team are absolutely phenomenal teachers and massage therapists!

Get Prepared for California State Certification

Upon completion of this program, graduates are fully prepared and qualified to take the MBLEX exam required for California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) Certification.

After completing 500 hours of the program, you’ll be eligible to begin the application process for CAMTC certification. Once you’re certified you can work in the massage therapy field. If you become certified before graduating the program, you can begin working while you finish your training.





“I graduated from aesthetic school and I wanted to accentuate my business so I thought about massage therapy. After searching online for massage therapy schools NHI popped up. I gave them a call and set up a tour. I went to the school and said wow the people here are wonderful. Walking into this place felt like home, right then and there I knew that this was the place I needed to be, and this was the school I needed to go to.”

Carlita Ballard - Massage Therapy Ambassador– Carlita Ballard | Santa Ana Campus


Accreditation is the process of evaluating a school or educational training program to determine whether it meets standards set up by an accrediting organization. When you attend an accredited institution, you are attending a school that has undergone a rigorous process that evaluates educational quality. It’s not easy to become or remain an accredited institution. The rules and regulations are strict, precise and designed to protect students. Here are some of the benefits:

  • A reliable indicator of quality
  • Approved program of study
  • Qualified instructors
  • Recognition by employers nationwide

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Leslie Beauvais | Studio City Campus’s photo

The core massage program at NHI gave me knowledge and skills that I use everyday in doing work that I love! Being a massage therapist truly is a fabulous career. I love what I do and it enables me to pursue my music career at the same time while making money helping others along the way! Its definitely a win win situation!

Leslie Beauvais | Studio City Campus