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Listen to the Success Stories of our Alumni

Success Stories!  We love 'em!  The success of our massage therapist school alumni is why we pour so much energy and love into our massage therapy program and our students.   It is so fun to see all the great success, wonderful life experiences, and personal growth they achieve once they leave the National Holistic Institute for their massage jobs.  Below are many examples of how graduates of our massage therapy program use their massage education to find work they love as a massage therapist. 

Learn about our Alumni who have gone on to become Massage Therapy Ambassadors

We can’t wait to hear about what NHI's massage therapist training has done for you!

NHI Alumni, please click hereto tell us how your massage therapist training led to your
success as massage therapist.

  Massage Therapist Training - Lya Daggett

Lya Daggett

"I loved being a part of the NHI family. Not only did I learn how to be a compassionate and capable Massage Therapist, but I also learned how to build my business from the ground up. Now I have a successful private practice that I enjoy every moment of."

  Massage Therapist Training - Erik Sherwood

Erik Sherwood

"NHI has had an incredible impact on my life. The instructors are amazing and they really go above and beyond teaching. They make real connections with their students and have so much compassion. Since receiving my California State Certification, I have been working on building my own private practice. Thank you, NHI, for everything you’ve taught me about massage and life."

  Massage Therapist Training - Malinda Rigel

Malinda Rigel

"I originally chose NHI because of the extensive information they share on their website. The staff is amazing and the curriculum is even better. NHI provides more than a top notch education, but an opportunity to take a life altering journey. Thanks to NHI, I am not only a fabulous Massage Therapist, but a successful business owner as well."

  Massage Therapist Training - Brevard Williams III

Brevard Williams III

"When you choose a new profession, it's all about choosing the best possible education that helps you improve your chances for success. Attending NHI provided me with all the skills and ideas necessary to start a massage therapy business (with several classmates!) and grow quickly. The teachers are bright, caring, and committed to helping every student be successful. Classes were fun, the people were amazing, and I had a great experience."

  Massage Therapist Training  - Norma Larson

Norma Larson

NHI's massage therapist training graduates hundreds of students every year with massage certification and with those graduations comes many heartfelt and entertaining speeches. The following is just such an example: "I first want to thank my family for being here. Irma, thanks for always being there and believing in me..." Read more...

  Massage Therapist Training - Crisanta Pineda

Crisanta Pineda

"This letter is to show to you how appreciative I am of my experience and education at the National Holistic Institute, and how valuable my time at NHI was in helping me jumpstart and maintain my career in massage therapy..." Read more...

  Massage Therapist Training  - Yahia Hammoudeh

Yahia Hammoudeh

"My success story in finding a job as a Massage Therapist fresh out of school has been nothing less than fantastic. I graduated last January with my group (49), and the day after I started to look for a job. The first job that I applied for was too good to be true..." Read more...

  Massage Therapist Training - Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

"My days sitting behind a desk were over I thought as I called the last of my recruiters to break the news. The news that I was no longer available for any finance or accounting positions; part-time, full-time or temping. A wave of excitement and fear rushed over me at once as I pondered what I just did..." Read more...

  Massage Therapist Training - Kristina Archuleta

Kristina Archuleta

"Before my career change towards becoming a massage therapist, I was homeless with my children on the street.  Needless to say, I was very lost in my life and it was a very difficult time for me and my family. Taking advantage of this time, and doing some soul searching, I chose to go to NHI.  This was the best decision I ever made..." Read more...

  Massage Therapist Training - Johnathan Lambert

Johnathan Lambert

"Hi my name is John Lambert. I am a graduate from NHI the former group 15, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night program.  I obtained my massage certification in July of 2002.  I became interested in massage due to several of my friends having various aches and pains in their..." Read more...

  Massage Therapist Training - Jennifer Rae

Jennifer Rae

"Going to NHI was one of the smartest decisions I have made in my life.  NHI set me up for success as a Massage Therapist.  The curriculum and teachers are knowledgeable, caring, supportive and have high integrity.  My mentor in the program, Jennifer Kartiganer, was someone I learned so much from not only about massage, but about life as well. Massage is life..." Read more...

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