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Massage School Programs

Our Massage School Training Programs

Massage School Programs
Massage School Program
Massage School Training

We offer the finest massage therapy training programs in the nation

As a leader in massage therapy education for over 40 years, we offer a comprehensive Massage Therapy Training Program and our Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program. We continue to fine tune and update our massage therapy programs to set you up for a successful and flexible career.

Our Massage Therapy Training Program fully prepares you to have a rewarding career as a professional massage therapist. Our Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program takes your career to the next level by focusing on Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and is offered for those who have prior training in massage therapy or for graduates of our Massage Therapy Training Program. If you have any questions about our massage school training, contact us today.

  • Massage Therapy Training Program

    Our Massage Therapy Training Program trains you to be proficient in various massage modalities, such as, Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Therapy. You will gain direct experience working on the public under the supervision of experienced instructors at our massage clinics offered at each campus. In addition, business and science classes equip you with all the skills you need to work in the rapidly-growing industry of massage therapy.

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  • Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program

    Our Advanced 450-Hour NMT Program will train you to evaluate and differentiate between myofascial pain or dysfunction, as opposed to injury, and to employ effective techniques to address these issues with significant results for your clients. You will be able to work as a massage therapist in a variety of professional environments.

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  • Continuing Education

    Access new career opportunities by enrolling in any 90-hour module or all five.

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  • For Related Professions

    At NHI, we know that people who work in healthcare fields often seek training opportunities in related skills. By enrolling in our continuing education courses you can access new career opportunities and enhance the value you provide to your patients.

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  • For International Students

    At NHI, you will be mentored and trained by a dedicated and passionate team of massage therapy professionals that are committed to your success, many of whom are NHI Alumni.

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