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Alumni Services: Share your Success Story

Since 1979, National Holistic Institute has been devoted to a single mission. "Helping people have work they love!" If you are a graduate of NHI school of massage therapy, who has a special success story to tell, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your success story to the Placement Department by completing the form below.

As you compose your success story, please consider sharing:

  • Brief background information about yourself

  • How you became interested in massage therapy

  • What you were doing before you came to our school of massage therapy

  • Why you chose to attend NHI

  • What you enjoyed about being a student at NHI

  • What you are doing now…feel free to brag a little bit!

  • Any words of wisdom for current NHI students and/or fellow graduates

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*Enter your success story below. Remember to cover as many of the points above as possible. Feel free to write as much or as little as you would prefer.

By clicking submit, I confirm that I am a graduate of National Holistic Institute, a College of Massage Therapy.


’“My practice, The Ultimate Touch, is thriving. My client base allows me to work full-time. I also worked at the Okinawa Karate Tournament through NHI’s event participation program. Wow, what a great experience! I really got the chance to learn how to market myself! And I had a lot of fun!”

– Yolanda Smith, NHI Graduate

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