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Massage School: Graduate Testimonials

Being one of the only accredited massage therapy schools in California, National Holistic Institute's schools for massage therapy are constantly looking at ways to improve upon what we do. Massage school testimonials are a reflection of our mission of: "Helping people have work they love!"

Don't take our word for it, hear directly from National Holistic Institute graduates like April and many others below.

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The passion that I have for massage is based on the passion that the teachers had, that taught me, when I was here.

April | Studio City Campus | 2008 Graduate


Finding NHI was probably the best decision I've made in a really long time. I chose this school because of what they offered.

Cheri | Petaluma Campus | 2009 Graduate


“My favorite part about learning at NHI was probably the people. Getting to work with amazing people: the teachers, the mentors and all of the faculty and staff are amazing...”

Justin | Emeryville Campus | 2013 Graduate


Clinic days definitely prepared me a lot for the working world and I feel definitely knowledgeable about everything and I feel really confident ever since I graduated to be out in the world.

Johnny | San Francisco Campus | 2012 Graduate


“I’ve really learned the skills and techniques that I need to have a successful career in the massage therapy industry and really enjoy my life and live it to the fullest.”

Alissa | Studio City Campus | 2013 Graduate


“I 100% recommend NHI to the fullest to a friend because they are supportive, they give you what you need.”

Brea | Emeryville Campus | 2013 Graduate


“Go check out NHI. They really give you all the tools you need.”

Bonni | San Jose Campus | 2012 Graduate


“She actually wanted me to start working like already, right away, but I said I still have my commitment with school, and I said after graduation that I would be ready.”

Viviana | Petaluma Campus | 2013 Graduate


“This [NHI] is the only one that has both sciences and Eastern and Western modalities, and you get to practice on each other, and you get business practice with clinic, and everyone's a family...”

Julianna | San Jose Campus | 2013 Graduate


“Even though I have so many obstacles in my life I am very grateful to have a career path. Massage Therapy is what I love.”

Ashley | San Francisco Campus | 2011 Graduate


Read more of our Massage School Testimonials on Yelp for our massage school campuses in Emeryville, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles/Studio City. NHI is the pioneer of accredited massage therapy schools in California.



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