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Massage School: Core 900 Hour Program Curriculum

720 hour Massage Therapy Training Curriculum

Ever wonder how to become a massage therapist in California? Our Core 900 Hour Massage Therapist Training Program fully prepares graduates to have a rewarding and successful career as a massage therapist. These graduates work in spas, clinics, chiropractic offices, etc, as well as in satisfying private practices.

Graduates of the Core 900 Hour Massage Therapist Training Program are proficient in various massage modalities such as: Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Therapy. The additional business classes, science classes and clinical experience create a holistic curriculum, equipping graduates with the skills they need to work in the rapidly-growing industry of massage therapy.


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Massage Training Curriculum Descriptions

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the study of the parts of the body, especially muscles and bones
the use of pure essential oils (from various plants) in a massage to enhance relaxation or attain other benefits such as skin quality improvement
the application of light pressure with fingers on special points on the body to enhance health or lessen problem – these are the same points as used in acupuncture
Career Development
we place a strong emphasis on the learning of business and professional skills. Want to know how to become a massage therapist in California? Out-of-state? We've got you covered.
Deep Tissue
work that focuses on the various deep layers of body tissue, often applied to long-term problem areas
Energy Massage
techniques to balance the body’s energy, founded on scientific information about the body as an electro-magnetic field
Foot Reflexology
a relaxing foot massage that is said to address the whole body since areas of the foot “reflect” conditions/areas of the entire body
Hands-On Experience
we offer two invaluable opportunities for students to gain hands-on practical experience: the NHI Student Clinic and NHI's Externship program.
Hot Stone Massage
the application of warm stones to the body, either in a stationary position, or used as “gliding tools” along with oil
Massage Therapy Training Descriptions

Anatomy is taught at NHI massage schools.

another name for anatomy, this is the study of the body’s movement and of specific muscles in detail
Lymphatic Massage
deep massage work that flushes toxins out of the body
the study of illnesses or abnormal bodily conditions
Massage Theory and Practice
we teach you a wide range of massage techniques. We also teach you how to assess a client’s individual needs and how to develop a customized massage program to meet those needs.
Myofascial Therapies
Myo-fascial Therapies (myo means muscle, fascia is a “lining” between skin and muscle, and around muscle bundles) includes advanced techniques designed for solving problems in each major area of the body: neck, shoulders, back, etc
the study of the body’s systems, such as the Digestive System, the Immune System, etc
Pregnancy Massage
massage that takes into account the special needs, such as body positioning and cautions, of a pregnant woman
Rocking & Shaking
keeping the body in a continuous rocking motion to release tight muscles and loosen joints
a style of work originating in Japan that uses finger pressure and stretches for body relaxation; done on a floor mat without the use of oil
Sports Massage
techniques particular to athletes and highly active people, used to assist them in enhanced performance and quicker recovery from injury
a popular style of oil massage that uses moves, such as long gliding strokes, that are aimed at relaxation and increased physical well-being
Thai Massage
the traditional massage of Thailand that focuses on yogic-type stretches
Traditional Chinese Medicine
the ancient system that sees the body from an “energy” point of view and forms the basis for acupuncture; at NHI, TCM is the basis for our Shiatsu classes and acupressure classes

Important information per the Code of Federal Regulations is available including the federal occupational profile, related occupations, graduation rates, median debt of graduates completing this program, program completion, placement, gender/ethnicity breakdowns, and more.

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