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Why Choose Massage Therapy and Why Massage School?

We asked a few of our students and alumni from our NHI Massage Schools why they chose this career and why, specifically, they chose NHI. For many it was because massage jobs offer a flexible schedule, for some it was the money, everyone shared one thing in common, they love helping others. Here are just a few of the reasons they shared with us:

Why Massage Therapy?
Why Massage School?


  • I love helping others.
  • You can earn good money.
  • Clients LOVE you!
  • A flexible schedule is nice.
  • I can work for someone or on my own.
  • Massage is a growing industry.
  • I actually enjoy going to work.
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Massage Therapy is a rapidly growing profession. Did you know…?

Consumers visit massage therapists 230 million times each year.

A total of 34% of adults say they had a massage in the past five years, compared with 17% in 1997.

The percentage of American adults receiving one or more massages from a massage therapist in 2009 (22%) nearly tripled since 1997 (8%).

Among people who had experienced severe back, neck or shoulder pain, the rate of use of massage therapy increased from 14.6% in 1996 to 19.4% in 1999.

in 2009, more than two-thirds of massage therapists (76%) indicate they receive referrals from health care professionals.

Massage Jobs are expected to increase more than 20% from 2006 to 2016.

Annually, Massage Therapy is a $16-20 billion industry.

Sources: AMTA 2010 Massage Therapy Industry Fact Sheet and ABMP 2010 Massage Therapy Fast Facts

Our massage therapist training in San Francisco , Los Angeles, and other California locations not only gives you theoretical training but also lends you practical hands on massage. Be a part of this rapidly growing profession. Feel free to join our accredited massage school in California and begin your massage therapist training today!

Why do people choose NHI?

Recently we asked a few of our students why massage school, specifically NHI, was right for them. We know there are many choices out there and we were curious what the reasons were for choosing us. We take great pride in the care and nurturing we impart on our students and this was a fun process to have a completely unscripted dialogue with so many of our students. We hope you enjoy the video and that you gain some insight into your decision.

  • Nationally Accredited.
    Of the many massage therapist schools, NHI was the first accredited massage therapy school in California.

  • NHI only teaches massage.
    We're massage experts because we focus exclusively on massage therapy.

  • High job placement rates.
    86% of our massage therapist schools' graduates get placed into work in massage therapy.

  • Flexible School Schedule
    Schedules to fit you, including daytime, evening and weekend schedules. Click here for schedule information.

  • Learning styles that work for you
    We provide massage therapist education with multiple methods to make sure every student learns the material.

  • Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Council of Schools
    (our founder was once the Chair of the Council).

  • Financial plans to meet your needs

  • Pioneer of the comprehensive 900 hour program
    This gives students of NHI massage schools a stronger foundation for their career.

  • In 1989, we began the Massage Emergency Response Team ( MERT )
    MERT is now used nationally by the AMTA to organize volunteer massage on rescue and recovery workers at disaster sites.
  • Our massage schools qualify graduates for the national certification exam
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