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Our People: San Francisco Massage School Instructors

Lisa Mendiola-Flores - School of Massage Therapists

Lisa Mendiola-Flores
Campus Manager/Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

Lisa has been in the field since 1996, and has experience in many facets of the massage therapy field: spa, physical therapy, chiropractic, private practice and more. A National Holistic Institute faculty member since 2000, she directs her passion and enthusiasm for massage toward revealing each student’s unique strengths.

“When I enrolled as a student at NHI, massage was solely a detour.  Upon graduation, I realized it was my destination. Today…I’m still having the time of my life!”
Allyn Hall - School of Massage Therapists

Allyn Hall
Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

After 20+ years as an actor, including a BA in Medieval Studies with an emphasis on Medieval English Theater, Allyn branched out to different fields.  She managed an Antiquarian Bookstore, taught K – 12th grade, and traveled extensively.

After graduating from National Holistic Institute in 2004, she worked at a massage center, a spa, a chiropractor’s office, and ran her own chair massage business.

“In addition to teaching, I have a private practice where I incorporate my love for the sciences with Western style bodywork.  I truly love what I do, and I thank NHI from the bottom of my heart for helping me have work I love!”

Augusto Remon-Arias - School of Massage Therapists

Augusto Remon-Arias
Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

Augusto has been a Massage Therapist and Health Educator since 2012. He trained in the Core Program and the Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Program at NHI, and in the Myoskeletal Alignment and Pain Posture Program at the Freedom of Pain Institute. He loves teaching and learning, and considers NHI the right place to help others have work they love.

“Bodywork offers nurturing touch and deeper levels of relaxation, so the healing power of sacred touch is invaluable to our body and mind.”

Gabriel Posner - School of Massage Therapists

Gabriel Posner
Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

Gabriel hails from the East coast, where he attended Ithaca College for undergraduate studies in Psychology. After moving to the West coast, he trained in Massage Therapy at NHI, graduating in 2004. Subsequently, he completed three additional years of training in Hanna Somatic Education.

After working in various arenas Gabriel settled into a private practice helping people overcome chronic pain, functional disorders, and trauma. In his spare time Gabriel loves trail running, playing his saxophone and looking for the limits of human potential.

“Being a student at NHI was such a wonderfully nurturing and exciting educational experience for me. I hope to offer that possibility√≥and then some√≥to the students that cross my path.”
Izabela Rapacz - School of Massage Therapists

Izabela Rapacz
Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

Izabela has been in the massage field since 1999, doing spa work, private practice, and professional on-site massage.

As a young girl growing up in Poland, Izabela’s favorite subjects were Biology, Chemistry and Math, and in the US, college got her very interested in Psychology and Philosophy.

She has always been fascinated by the beauty and complexity of human beings, and by the importance of being of direct help to others.

NHI gave me the necessary skills to help through the power of human touch. Today, whether I’m working with clients or teaching my students, my work is meaningful and deeply satisfying.”

Julie McGuinness - School of Massage Therapists

Julie McGuinness
Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

A graduate of massage school in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1986, Julie also trained extensively in Aromatherapy.  For several years she worked alongside doctors who practiced Ayurvedic as well as orthodox medicine in Harley Street, the heart of London’s private medical community.

Julie taught at the College of Holistic Medicine in Glasgow and London, and in community colleges in the UK, before coming to California in 1996. In the US Julie worked in both spa and chiropractic environments, before coming to National Holistic Institute in 2007.

“I love massage and teaching because of the great connection with others these provide.  At NHI, I feel we have a wonderful, focused community of people who continually hold positive intention.”

Rich Logie - School of Massage Therapists

Rich Logie
Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

Prior to choosing massage as a career, Rich worked in Silicon Valley in medical & technical educational publishing. After graduating from NHI San Francisco he has worked at two Massage Envy clinics, a chiropractic office, and in his own private practice. He has continued studies in energy work focusing on personal growth, readings, and healing. His massage work focuses on the relief of specific pain and injury.

“Learning, like healing, is transformative. That I can help others…both clients and students…discover new realms of wellness and growth is a dream come true. NHI made this possible for me.”

Rondi Kirby - School of Massage Therapists

Rondi Kirby
Instructor | San Francisco Massage School Campus

Rondi received her initial training in massage therapy in 1993, finished a degree in esthetics in 2001, and became a certified life coach in 2004. She has had a private practice, and also started and managed a spa for 7 years in Breckenridge, CO. Rondi is currently practicing massage and bodywork at the Nob Hill Spa.

“Massage therapy is truly a gift I give to others; I want to share that gift with my students so they can go on to have work that they love and grow with for many years!”

NHI's San Francisco massage instructors serve the entire San Francisco bay area including Daly City, San Mateo, Redwood City, Burlingame and South San Francisco.

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