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NHI Believes

Creativity & Consistency

I’ve always appreciated the late Frank Sinatra, who was at the top of his game for his entire career. He did the same thing – singing the same way, singing the same songs – for decades. Did anyone complain? When they went to see him live, did they say “Man, why is he still singing that same old stuff?” No way.

I am also reminded of great makers of automobiles, like Mercedes and BMW. They consistently create the best cars AND consistently aim at applying cutting-edge creativity to the cars they build, although never at the expense of the quality they have become famous for.

So how do we, at NHI, consistently make every student feel as if they had a unique and personal experience? By offering the highest standard in education– according to our peers–every single day, while steadily applying the principle of kaizen so we are a little better at what we do every one of those days.