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Massage Therapy Ambassadors

Massage Therapy Ambassadors have work they love
Massage Therapy Ambassadors
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Helping people have work they love!

Massage Therapy Ambassadors are an elite group of NHI alumni volunteers who are committed to supporting the integrity and positive growth of the Massage Therapy Profession by increasing enrollment at National Holistic Institute.

The Massage Therapy Ambassador program is an association intended to elevate this next generation of industry leaders.

By joining this special community, Ambassadors obtain leadership experience and professional exposure through Massage Therapy networking events, activities and trainings.

View the complete list of Commitments & Benefits for Massage Therapy Ambassadors.

Want to Become a Massage Therapy Ambassador?

National Holistic Institute has active Massage Therapy Ambassadors at each of our 10 campuses. Apply to become a Massage Therapy Ambassador and we will contact you as space becomes available.