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The Externship Program’s Purpose:
The purpose of the Externship component of National Holistic Institute’s (NHI) curriculum is to provide Massage Therapists-in-training with a learning environment that:

  • Nurtures job search skills.
  • Prepares them to take their role as caregivers in the community.
  • Provides service to the community at large.

Student Extern Prerequisites:
Prior to beginning their externship at each site, our Massage Therapists-in-training will have:

  • Successfully completed on-site massage training.
  • Worked with the public for over 32 hours in NHI’s Teaching Clinic.
  • Learned basic anatomy, physiology and kinesiology courses with an understanding of the “Universal Precautions” as set by the Centers for Disease Control.

Externship Requirements:
The extern is required to complete a total of 64 hours throughout their program. The extern’s class schedule allows for a set amount of time each week to complete these required hours. A schedule of specified hours, and a consistent schedule for work with your organization should be agreed upon prior to your arrangement with the student. The schedule will be pre-arranged to satisfy the needs of your organization as well as the student’s school schedule. The student will be well-versed in what it means to be a professional caregiver and will agree to abide by your organization’s policies and procedures with regards to offering massage therapist jobs.

All students of NHI are covered by professional liability insurance – while performing supervised Externship Massage Therapy services. A certificate of insurance will be provided upon successful completion and approval of the Externship Contract.

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