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Externship Contract

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The National Holistic Institute & Teaching Clinic, INC., hereinafter referred to as the “School” operates as a nationally accredited massage therapy-training program. Students of the School require practice in the field in the form of an Externship to complete their massage therapy training. The Host Organization, hereinafter referred to as the “Site” provides facilities and clientele for such Externship/practice.


The School agrees to:

  •  Provide students with current information regarding Sites for selection    of their externship site.
  • Be responsible for administrative functions including counseling, monitoring of student progress with respect to School program learning objectives, maintaining accounting and achievement records.
  • Furnish appropriate liability insurance to cover such a liability as the Site may incur arising out of the practice of the massage therapist(s) in training.

The Site agrees to:

  • Accept such massage therapist(s) in training and make available such information and facilities as is reasonably necessary to complete Externship.
  • Provide a physically safe environment, including protection from harassment and discrimination as is provided to their employees.
  • Arrange preset shift schedule(s) for massage therapist(s) in training.
  • Provide student(s) with an orientation of what is required to work in their site environment and with site clients.
  • Make available to students any information regarding policies and/or procedures to which the students must comply.
  • Maintain knowledge and compliance of Municipality’s massage-related laws at all times, inform extern of these laws, and require compliance accordingly.
  • Advise their clientele through normal agency communication that massage therapy services are being offered and how they may be obtained.
  • Make the services of massage therapist(s) in training available to appropriate clientele served by the site at no cost to the clientele.
  • Inform client that they are being worked on by a massage therapist in training.

Must abide by the two following conditions at all times:

  • Affiliate will provide a supervisor who will act as a resource for the extern and to whom the extern is accountable.
  • Supervisor understands that the student’s timesheet/evaluation must be completed and given directly to student when their hours are completed. Any delays MAY prevent student from graduating on time.
  • Communicate with the NHI Placement Coordinator concerning the student’s participation and performance.
  • Record on timesheet if extern has been absent or tardy without notification.
  • Refrain from requiring that the extern perform any duties other than those required of a massage therapist.

The NHI student extern is expected to:

  • Abide by all policies and procedures defined by the site, including, but not limited to, dress and formality/informality of the professional setting
  • Attend any orientation/training required by the site. Externship credit will be given for orientation/training.
  • Wear a nametag, indicating that she or he is a massage therapist in training, while working at the agency.
  • Not solicit or accept any form of payment for massage therapy sessions.
  • Observe the absence and tardiness policies, which apply while attending regular classes.
  • Notify the site supervisor if s/he will be late and/or unable to work.

Neither party hereto shall pay to the other any compensation of any type as a result of this agreement. The consideration being the mutual benefits each derived from the services rendered by the massage therapist(s) in training to the Site and completion of the Externship training portion by the School.

Each of the parties hereto agrees to hold the other harmless from any and all liability arising as a result of this agreement.
Either party may terminate this agreement at any time for reasonable cause by giving the other 14 (fourteen) days written notice thereof.
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