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800-Hour Core Massage Therapy Program Graduates

Our core graduates experience a wide variety of both eastern and western modalities, in addition to science and assessment skills, which make them incredibly versatile and ready for a variety of job opportunities in the field of massage therapy.

Eastern Skills:  Eastern modality training begins with a thorough training in Shiatsu Massage and the theory on which it is based: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Skills in eastern anatomy and modes of assessment are enhanced with classes in specific applications of acupressure, and then broadened to include energy work and reflexology.
  • Advanced skills in Thai Massage round out this highly sought-after Eastern skill set.

Western Skills: Western modality training begins with a thorough training in Swedish Massage.

  • As students become more knowledgeable and experienced, advanced techniques such as Deep Tissue, introduction to Lymphatic Massage and Trigger Point Therapy, and therapeutic application of heat and ice are added.
  • Students also receive experience with many popular spa modalities, such as prenatal massage, hot stone massage, salt scrubs and the application of aromatherapy.

Science Skills: Throughout the Core Program, education includes a solid foundation of anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and pathology.

  • Understanding planes of movement and how joint structures allow the body to move through those planes.
  • Identifying how a muscle’s attachment sites determine how it will move the body.
  • Basic physiology of all body systems & physiological effects of massage on those systems.
  • Identifying when pathology or injury might be present, how that situation might affect the massage session, and when referral to another health care professional is most supportive of client health and safety.

Assessment and Strategizing Skills:  Application of kinesiology and physiology concepts along with key observational skills to understand how to cater sessions to specific client needs.

  • Recognizing basic postural asymmetries and dysfunctional range of motion patterns
  • Knowing how to target precise techniques such as Longitudinal Release, Cross-fiber, and basic Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretches to specific client needs.
  • Understanding basic cautions and contraindications for massage therapy around many common musculoskeletal issues and injuries, such as whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, runner’s knee and sprained ankle.

Clinic and Externship: throughout the 800-hour Core Massage Program, our graduates experienced 160 hours of supervised, practical experience on clients, including proper S.O.A.P (Subjective, Objective, re-Assessment, Plan) Note session documentation, both in our on-campus massage clinics and off-campus externship sites.

Compare the 800-Hour Core Massage Therapy Program to the 1250-Hour Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program

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