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    In order to stay in compliance with labor laws, and in support of the growth of the massage industry for males as well as females, NHI does not accept job advertisements with gender preferences. If in the future, a gender preference is indicated, we will return it for you to edit, and re-submit

    Although posting this job listing will allow this opening to be made available as a choice for National Holistic Institute students and graduates, it does not guarantee the placement of students or graduates in my company.

    The NHI Job List is a free service offered to employers seeking massage therapists. As this service is a benefit to our current students and graduates, NHI reserves the right to remove your advert at our discretion. NHI policy states that after we have received 3 complaints in writing about a particular employer, we will inform you that your advert is being removed. At that time you may contest the removal, understanding that all postings are ultimately included at NHI's discretion.

    Please inform NHI when the position has been filled so that we can remove your posting from our list.

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