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Employer Resources

Employer Referral Program

Let’s work together to grow the Massage Therapy Industry!

What is the Employer Referral Program?

  • National Holistic Institute founded the Employer Referral Program in 2013 to support the growth and sustainability of the massage therapy industry.
  • A  program designed to provide massage therapy businesses with skilled massage therapists to meet the increasing public demand
  • An opportunity for your employees to earn extra income – $50 per referral!

Why participate in our Employer Referral Program?

  • If you can’t meet the needs of your clients, they will look to other healthcare providers to meet their needs.
  • The thriving massage therapy industry will shrink if we neglect to bring more qualified, career-minded therapists into the field of massage.
  • How many clients are you turning away per week due to a shortage of therapists? One franchise owner in Napa, CA is turning away 75 clients a day.

How does the Employer Referral Program work?

  • When one of your clients expresses an interest in learning more about a career in massage therapy, your employee refers them to a dedicated NHI web page that introduces them to our school.
  • After receiving the referral, NHI will pay your employee $50 for making the introduction.

Benefits to the Employer

  • More Massage Therapists for you
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention
  • Maximize revenue
  • Enhance client relationships
  • Increase therapist earnings
  • Greater client loyalty
  • Generate team enthusiasm
  • Sustainability of massage therapy industry

Success Stories

» One franchise referred four people in the first month of participation in the program. Two of those referrals enrolled, and are currently students on the Petaluma Campus. In addition, both individuals are performing their Externship hours at the referring location, and both are excitedly planning to become employees as soon as they are qualified for CAMTC certification!

The students’ enthusiasm for employment at the referring location has created a positive culture in the classroom. As a result, many other students in the group are now interested in careers there as well.

» As a thank you for participation in the program, a franchise received a free onsite continuing education class for all of their therapists. Staff received two hours of training in body mechanics. Several therapists have reported they no longer experience pain while performing massage. Needless to say, this has increased their enthusiasm and their love of being a Massage Therapist.

» As a way to build excitement and team enthusiasm, one franchise owner brought four locations together for a New Year’s celebration. The first bonus checks were distributed at the event to cheering and excitement by all. Several therapists returned to their own franchise and generated inquiries the very next week. Delight in receiving bonuses for what they already do has contributed to energized participation by all staff.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Select the campus nearest you in the drop-down menu
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. When finished, click the “Sign Me Up!” button at the bottom of the form

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get started?

After submitting your registration online, an ERP Coordinator from your selected campus will contact you to:
1. Answer your questions
2. Provide support and materials

Do I have time for this?

  • The beauty of this program is that we have streamlined it for ease of operations. It takes very little time or effort on your part.
  • The initial introduction can be done in 10-15 minutes, online or in-person at your convenience.
  • Monthly tasks are minimal for management, therapists and front desk employees. Participation in the program takes no more than a half-hour per month.

Why partner with National Holistic Institute – A College of Massage Therapy?

NHI has been educating highly skilled massage therapists since 1979. Our Massage Therapy Training Program includes emphasis on professionalism and customer service in addition to massage techniques and sciences. We were named massage school of the year 2012.

Can other staff participate?

Yes! The program is open to all employees. Anyone who gives a referral can receive the $50 bonus.

What if I have friends and family that are interested – can I refer them?

Yes, as long as they are “qualified” referrals, we welcome them. A qualified referral is someone who is sincerely interested in knowing more about becoming a massage therapist.

How often will I be paid?

Bonus checks are distributed once per month.

What happens if my client takes the postcard with them and enters their own information?

As long as all the required fields are filled in on the website we will be able to track it to the referring therapist.

Will it cost me anything to participate in this program?

NO! NHI handles all the accounting, provides all necessary materials, and pays therapists as independent contractors. There are virtually no costs to the employer.