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Prospective Students


See why people love NHI!

The student body at NHI is comprised of a diverse group of individuals coming from all different walks of life. Together they all share their love for massage therapy and their NHI Experience.

Alyssa Corson | Santa Ana Campus’s photo

When I talk to my current clients I always tell them that I feel like I hit the jack pot by coming to NHI.

Alyssa Corson | Santa Ana Campus
Leslie Beauvais  | Studio City Campus’s photo

The core massage program at NHI gave me knowledge and skills that I use everyday in doing work that I love! Being a massage therapist truly is a fabulous career. I love what I do and it enables me to pursue my music career at the same time while making money helping others along the way! Its definitely a win win situation!

Leslie Beauvais | Studio City Campus
Esmeralda Simmons | Santa Rosa Campus’s photo

I absolutely love this school. I have learned so much given the fact that during the pandemic we had virtual classes, we were still able to communicate with our teachers. I recommend the school to everyone. Do what you love!

Esmeralda Simmons | Santa Rosa Campus
Anne Nelson | Emeryville Campus’s photo

I am an architect and I decided to explore massage therapy as an alternative to spending eight hours a day at a desk. Every class was amazing and I loved the AVK teaching method that is used at NHI which is learning by hearing, seeing and doing, it really helped make the curriculum easy to learn because we got the information in so many different ways.

Anne Nelson | Emeryville Campus
Dianne Evans | San Jose Campus’s photo

NHI had a full curriculum that I really enjoyed. I also really loved the campus – the campus was just beautiful. Because of my education at NHI, I was able to not only get a job as a massage therapist, but I actually ended up buying a spa right before I graduated. I had no intention of buying a spa but because the previous owner was looking to sell it and she knew I went to NHI she decided that I would be a good fit to purchase her spa.

Dianne Evans | San Jose Campus
Lily Macias | Studio City Campus’s photo

One of the great things about going to NHI is that you get to work in the massage clinic. The clinic is something that not all massage schools have. You actually get hands on experience with the public. The great thing about being a student at NHI is that you can actually get work before you even graduate. I was just offered a position at Burke Williams in West Hollywood. All of the things that I have learned at NHI and the great opportunities I received have really prepared me for the real world.

Lily Macias | Studio City Campus
Carlita Ballard | Santa Ana Campus’s photo

I graduated from aesthetic school and I wanted to accentuate my business so I thought about massage therapy. After searching online for massage therapy schools NHI popped up. I gave them a call and set up a tour. I went to the school and said wow the people here are wonderful. Walking into this place felt like home, right then and there I knew that this was the place I needed to be, and this was the school I needed to go to.

Carlita Ballard | Santa Ana Campus
Cheri Brown | Petaluma Campus’s photo

Before NHI, I was doing the mom thing…feeling very safe and comfortable. Going to NHI was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I chose NHI because of what they offered, not just learning the skill of massage but also learning marketing skills, and  business skills. I now have my own practice with a team of five massage therapists.

Cheri Brown | Petaluma Campus
Natalie Gilbert | Studio City Campus’s photo

I’m originally from St.Louis, Missouri and I moved all the way to California to start the program at NHI. I researched the school beforehand and it looked great. I really wanted a well rounded education that NHI offered. At NHI, I made really great relationships with my mentors. I chose massage therapy because you can go in so many different directions and now I’m completely supporting myself through massage therapy.

Natalie Gilbert | Studio City Campus
Talitha Ekama | San Jose Campus’s photo

What I love about NHI is that they offer a really great core program. The core program is the foundation of what you will grow into and become as a massage therapist, and it covers all of the things that you really need to know and be aware of as a massage therapist. They also have a 450 hour program and that is what really helped me get a leg up in the industry.

Talitha Ekama | San Jose Campus
Alyssa Corson | Santa Ana Campus’s photo

When I talk to my current clients I always tell them that I feel like I hit the jack pot by coming to NHI.

Alyssa Corson | Santa Ana Campus