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Hands-On Practical Experience via our Massage Clinic & Externship

At NHI, you will gain hands-on practical experience in our Massage Clinic and our Externship program. These invaluable opportunities serve to help you learn how to become a massage therapist in California. In the NHI Student Clinic, you will use the massage skills you have learned, practicing on clients from the general public. The Student Clinic, servicing nearly 1,000 appointments per month, allows your instructors to assess and assist your progress in a supervised, real-world setting.

With hundreds of locations to choose from, your Externship will give you valuable on-site experience and provide exceptional networking opportunities to prepare you for the transition to your professional career. At the same time, you’ll contribute to the greater health and well-being of your community.
Employers have indicated that they consider NHI’s Clinic and Externship to be two essential reasons why they prefer to hire NHI graduates.

You’ll find the Student Clinic and Externship to be a powerful part of your training. You will see for yourself how massage makes a difference in people’s lives. And you will gain confidence in yourself and in your growing abilities as a Massage Therapist.