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Massage Therapy Training Program

Sports Massage

People everywhere are engaged in pushing their physical limits in activities such as running, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, tennis, strength training and aerobics. Each of these people can benefit from massage, and especially from sports massage.

Sports Massage can be defined as the application of a variety of massage techniques and stretching exercises to enhance athletic performance. Whether you are a professional athlete, or you engage in these activities just for fun, a sports massage will help improve your performance!

Many trainers believe that sports massage can give their athletes an extra edge in competition, and we have seen massage administered to sports participants locally, nationally, and internationally, in competitions of all kinds, including the Olympics.

At NHI, you will study sports-specific techniques for:

  • Pre-event massage
  • Post-event massage
  • And maintenance massage

You will be prepared to provide sports massage at endurance type events such as:

  • Marathons
  • Cycling tours
  • Triathlons

Additionally, you will study injury, injury prevention, application of heat and ice, and trigger point therapies as part of your sports massage training.

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