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Massage Therapy Training Program

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient system of health and healing that is rapidly gaining acceptance as a way to prevent illness and maintain health.

Called “TCM” for short, this millennia-old approach integrates a truly holistic view of life with deep, empirical knowledge of health and healing. A TCM practitioner will utilize a variety of modalities, most notably herbal medicine and acupuncture, seeking to re-balance the body’s vital energy, or Ch’i.

At NHI, the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (such as the energy pathways called ‘meridians’, the interplay of the Five Elements, the interplay of yin and yang) form the foundation of our Shiatsu series (Japanese style bodywork).

You will also learn a host of useful acupressure points for helping relieve everyday ailments like headaches, nausea, and PMS.

Many of our students fulfill their Externship requirements by working alongside TCM practitioners – allowing them to have a “hands-on” experience of how massage can support health in a non-Western clinical setting.

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