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MBLEx Practice Test

Welcome to the National Holistic Institute’s MBLEx Practice Test!

Before you begin, please read through the following information:

  1. This is an internally created practice test that is not endorsed by the makers of the MBLEx, but is based upon the collective years of knowledge and experience of NHI staff
  2. This is one of many tools available to you as you prepare to successfully pass the MBLEx and for the best chance for success, continue to use all of the resources available to you.
    1. For ideas or access to additional study tools and tips, please contact your local Student Life and Career Coordinator
  3. The MBLEx is taken in very structured environment. We suggest that you take this test in a setting that simulates this experience. Here are a few pointers:
    1. Set aside a few hours to take the test and review the results once you are complete
    2. This is a timed test. Set a timer for 110 minutes and make sure to let it run until you have completed all 100 questions (even if you get up for a break).
    3. Find a quiet space with no distractions
    4. Do not use reference materials during the test
    5. You can use a pen & piece of paper
  4. At the end of this test you will receive:
    1. A % score at the end of the test
    2. List of all questions with correct answers, which you can print for reference.
  5. A passing score is 70% or higher

Ready? Click here:

For more information, to apply for the MBLEx, or to access the candidate handbook: