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Massage Schools

Choosing A Massage School

If you have decided a career in massage therapy is right for you, your first priority should be finding an accredited massage school to begin your studies. There are a number of factors you will need to consider before choosing a massage school (sometimes misspelled as massage school or message schools). Doing research on massage schools and massage requirements in your area will ensure you get the best massage training. Local and state governments often have regulations that must be met before licenses are issued to massage therapists. You should check the requirements to practice massage in your area and the appropriate school of massage as a result. If you are unsure about researching massage schools, contact The National Holistic Institute for our help and guidance.

Regulations & Massage Schools

The National Holistic Institute was the first accredited massage school in the state of California. Today, we work to keep the same high standards through which we achieved this recognition. We are committed to providing our students and our entire community with all the help, advice and assistance they need. As an accredited massage school, we constantly strive to establish services and products that will benefit our students. We not only offer superb massage training and techniques, but also all the latest information, data and regulations on massage therapy. Our massage schools (sometimes misspelled as message school or massage schools) are all based in the Californian region and qualify you to take the National Certification exams.

The school of massage regulations for licensing and practicing in California are due to change soon. Currently under law, each city or county institutes its own regulations for massage therapy. When the new massage school laws are enacted, a massage therapist may receive a license to practice massage throughout California, if they have completed a minimum of 500 hours training. You should note that many employers often require even more training than 500 hours. At the National Holistic Institute, we have proudly pioneered a 800-hour training program for all our students and are happy to support the new massage regulations to help raise the standards of massage practitioners and massage schools throughout the country.

Student Support

The NHI offers superb student services and support. We have designed our massage school training courses so that they can be studied in a flexible environment and we provide the support you need to complete your studies. We can provide job search assistance, budgeting help, and assistance in finding housing, if necessary. We can even arrange part-time employment for you while you study at our massage school.

And there’s more. At the National Holistic Institute, our student support services continue even after you have completed your training. Our job placement center helps our students find employment, continue their studies or assist in setting up their own practice.

Before enrolling at a massage school, it’s a good idea to visit the site of the school and view their facilities first hand. NHI has outstanding teaching facilities at its campuses, with excellent classrooms, libraries, and quiet areas suitable for study.

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