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Have a great career growth in massage therapy!

With a career in massage therapy, you can help others overcome chronic pain, recover from injuries and illness, reduce stress, and just plain help them feel better. This is a great time for career growth in massage therapy since massage careers are expanding like never before. The public’s use of massage as a healthcare modality has tripled in the last decade, which in turn has caused a tremendous increase in the demand for massage therapists. Consumers visit massage therapists about 114 million times every year. The percentage of American adults receiving one or more massages from a massage therapist in the previous year (18%) more than doubled since 1997 (8%).

The massage career

The National Holistic Institute is the best place to be a part of great massage careers in California. NHI recognizes the diverse learning styles of our students. Our special systems allow students to learn at a faster, easier pace and retain information for a longer period of time. NHI massage careers in California are as good as you can dream. The state of the art teaching and excellent student attention ensures that you have a great career in massage therapy. Students, who previously had failed at their attempts to have a successful career in massage therapy, achieved successful results through our dynamic mode of learning and are today leading a life of happiness and successful massage therapist career. NHI also takes into stock the busy lives of its students and offers flexible solutions for massage careers in California.

We bring opportunities directly to you

We work hard to establish real relationships with the Spas, Chiropractic Offices, Health Clubs and other establishments that you will be seeking massage jobs with. We believe in bringing the opportunities directly to you through on campus recruiting events and bi-monthly listings of massage jobs that advertise employers throughout Northern and Southern California specifically looking for our well reputed National Holistic Institute graduates.

Since our aim is for you to make a good living through massage therapy as career, we at NHI place a strong emphasis on the learning of business and professional skills. Many of our students are surprised to find that the business aspect of choosing a massage therapist career can be just as fulfilling and growth-producing as giving a massage. NHI will help you start to build a successful professional practice and have a good massage therapist career whether working on your own or as an employee. NHI also offers two invaluable opportunities for students to gain hands-on practical experience of massage therapy as career: the NHI Student Clinic and NHI’s Externship program. NHI Student Clinic, you will use the massage skills you have learned, practicing on clients from the general public. The Student Clinic, servicing nearly 1,000 appointments per month, allows your instructors to assess and assist your progress in a supervised, real-world setting, thus giving you the real taste of massage therapy as a career.

With hundreds of locations to choose from, your Externship will give you valuable on-site experience and provide exceptional networking opportunities to prepare you for the transition for massage therapy as career. At the same time, you’ll contribute to the greater health and well-being of your community.

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