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Massage Therapy Education

Why Choose NHI for your Massage Therapy Program

NHI was the first nationally accredited massage therapy school in California. NHI provides a number for professional academic opportunities to pursue massage therapy education as an emotionally and professionally satisfying enterprise. Take a look at why NHI is the institute of choice for massage therapy training:

World Class Training

Massage Theory and Practice: The curriculum at NHI includes a wide range of massage techniques. You will learn how to assess a client’s individual needs and how to tailor a customized massage program to address those needs.

The course will include Swedish massage, acupressure/ Shiatsu massage, sports massage, massage for pregnant women, massage for people with injuries, seated massage, foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, energy massage, joint mobilization, rocking and shaking massage, professional draping procedures, body mechanics for the therapist, and assessment and customization of massage sessions. You will also learn about the structure and function of the musculo-skeletal system, including the origin, insertion, and action of muscles; range of motion; postural analysis; and kinesiology.

Career Development: We place a lot of emphasis on career development and provide comprehensive support from the time you join our massage therapy training till the time you are ready to start a professional practice of your own. We believe that the business aspect of being a massage therapist is as important a part of the massage therapy program as other academic aspects.

Hands-On Practical Experience at the Student Clinic and Externship Site: NHI offers invaluable opportunities – the NHI Student Clinic and NHI’s Externship program – to help students to gain hands-on practical experience during the course of their massage therapy studies. While the NHI Student Clinic allows you to use your massage skills on clients, the Student Clinic, servicing nearly 1,000 appointments per month, allows your instructors to evaluate and assist your progress in a supervised, real-world setting.

Student Services

Academic Support: As part of its massage therapy education, NHI provides you with comprehensive and high quality of academic support. We work directly with you to secure your success and have student tutors, graduate teaching assistants, teacher/mentors, study labs, and a diversity of faculty here to ensure success in any massage therapy study program you choose.

Career Assistance: NHI’s Job Placement Center has numerous resources to help you find exciting opportunities once you complete your massage therapy studies. We have helped place our graduates in renowned resorts, spas, sports clubs, medical offices, and in starting their own private practice.

Housing Assistance: NHI even helps you settle in comfortably by helping you find suitable accommodation in the beautiful San Fransisco Bay area if you are attending from out of town and need housing.

Dedicated Faculty: NHI has an experienced and esteemed faculty who help students learn and grow through the entire duration of the massage therapy programs they enroll for. A powerhouse of experience, the exemplary staff has individuals from all walks of life and includes musicians, tri-athletes, and world travelers.

Beautiful Facilities: NHI boasts of an appealing and creatively stimulating environment, and state-of-the-art facilities to make your experience a wonderfully satisfying and enriching one. NHI has eight large classrooms, a large, sky-lighted student lounge, kitchen area, creatively designed open spaces, student library and career development center to provide each student enrolled for a massage therapy training, the best environment to learn and grow in.

Massage Therapy Education
Massage therapy has emerged as an exciting and rewarding career in the past few years. Not only does it allow you to have your own independent business, it also enables you to actively participate in contributing to the good health and well-being of your community, and to nurture your zeal for helping others. With the demand for massage therapy increasing every day, there has never been a better time to join this growing health care profession.

Take a look at some of the benefits of enrolling in massage therapy training and pursuing it as a profession:

The satisfaction of helping others,
Multiple income earning opportunities ,
Greater independence and control of your time,
And, umpteen job opportunities, to name a few .
The above is only a glimpse of all the facilities and comprehensive support NHI offers. Do visit us or write to us for more in-depth information on the scope of massage therapy study and massage therapy scholarship options available at NHI.

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