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Massage Therapy Schools – A ‘Touch’ of Perfection

Learning the art of massage at schools for massage therapy can be very rewarding, but you should make sure you select an accredited and reputable massage therapy school (sometimes misspelled as message therapy schools). The National Holistic Institute provides an accredited program that will provide you a comprehensive training in massage therapy. Massage therapist schools simply cannot teach theory alone. To learn the true art of therapeutic massage, hands-on training and mentoring is required. Massage is a ‘hands on’ therapy, literally, that involves the compassionate touch of a trained professional.

The NHI massage therapist school promotes a teaching module that can generally be categorized into three areas: Massage Theory and Practice, Career Development, and Hands-On Practical Experience. We believe by focusing on these three development areas, we provide our students with all the knowledge and experience they need to begin their massage careers. Here we explain the first area of our teaching.

Massage Theory at our Therapeutic Massage Schools

Massage is all about applying the correct pressure to certain points in the body including muscles, joints and ligaments. The NHI massage therapy schools teach students all the theory behind widely practiced massage techniques. We include the history and development of the art of massage, and we teach you about the human body and the healing properties of this skill. At our massage therapist schools, our techniques are based on applying pressure to certain parts of the body to bring relief to damaged or stressed areas of the body. It is used to treat injuries and diseases.

There are approximately 200 variants of massage techniques with new techniques constantly being developed and modified. At The National Holistic Institute schools for massage therapy, some of the methods we teach are:

Specific Massage Training Techniques

Swedish massage is designed specifically to relax your muscles. By applying pressure on the muscles and the bones, we enhance the oxygen flow in the blood and elevate the process of removal of toxins from the muscles. The Swedish massage further helps in flushing out lactic, uric acid and other toxins from the tissues. Through this massage, the ligaments and tendons become more flexible and it also stimulates the skin and nervous system, thus relieving you from emotional and physical stress. This Advanced massage therapy training of Swedish massage is a very effective therapy which helps in achieving overall wellbeing.

Shiatsu Massage training module includes an introduction to the principles of Shiatsu, Meridians, Points at different places in the body, Yin Yang Theory and the different signs of imbalance. Once you learn this technique, you will be able to apply, medium to strong pressure on the body using the palms, fingers, thumbs and elbows. The Shiatsu is a combination of the principles of Chinese medicines and the art of acupuncture (here we do not use needles). In Shiatsu, the vital force is termed as chi, this flows through meridians or connected channels in the body. Any blockage within these channels causes pain, stress, fatigue, depression and this is the root cause for the disease. In this therapy, step by step pressure is applied on the pressure points on the meridians which stimulates the nerves and the tissues, thus enhancing the flow of chi in the meridians.

Reflexology works at the imbalances in the feet and hands. In this therapy the blockages are released and free flow of energy is restored in specific areas, organs and also of the whole body by working on the points at the feet and the hands. This massage training is a focused form of acupressure which helps in blood circulation, detoxification of blood and helps in proper nerve functioning. This not only heals but also revitalizes your entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage is meant for those who are inclined to pursuing massage therapy for clinical applications. This training for massage therapy is totally goal oriented and relieves one from pain and discomfort. The massage therapist training program will help you understand and locate your client’s trigger points, pain patterns, and the places were pressure needs to be applied. You will be taught how to release tension from the tissues which are the cause of pain. Not only this, you would be taught specific hand strokes which would make your work more effective.

Acupressure & Shiatsu Massage is an ancient art form that can be traced back to long practiced Asian techniques.

Sports Massage is a modality that is targeted at oour therapeutic massage schools. We train our students in treating athletes and performing sports massages. This massage is used to help athletes attain peak performance. It helps diminish fatigue of the body and muscles, relieves swelling, and reduces tension.

Massaging Pregnant Women has multiple techniques associated with it. At our accredited massage therapist schools, we train our students on how to relieve the muscle tension and back stress commonly associated with pregnancy.

Massage For People With Injuries have long been known to promote flexibility of the muscles and are often used in treating injuries such as torn ligaments and damaged tissues. Our massage therapy schools teach students how to deal with injured patients and how to assess what type of massage is best for their injury.

Seated Massage is a massage technique that is versatile yet highly effective. It normally lasts for 15 minutes while the client is seated and fully clothed. As you will learn at our massage therapy schools, it is ideal for instant stress relief, especially when time and resources are limited.

Energy Massage is a unique non-invasive technique, similar in many ways to the art of Reiki. At The NHI schools for massage therapy, we train our students in this technique of attuning the energy. It consists of light hand movements over the body to bring relief and relaxation.

These are just some of the various massage techniques we cover at The National Holistic Institute schools. Massage techniques are constantly being reviewed and developed and we provide our students with all the latest developments and modifications. We do not believe training in the art of massage should only be about learning various strokes. This is why, at our massage therapy schools (sometimes misspelled as message therapy schools), we provide our students with the history and philosophy of the discipline that gives them a greater understanding and passion for this magnificent healing art form.

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