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Advanced 450-Hour NMT Program

Injury Rehabilitation

When a client comes to us with an injury, we can collaborate with other medical professionals to speed and compliment the body’s healing processes. Once a client has been diagnosed by the proper healthcare professional (ATC, PT, DC, MD, DO) with a particular condition, for instance sciatica, Runner’s Knee, or rotator cuff tears, we can collaborate with that medical professional to ensure that we select techniques, which will complement the recommended rehabilitation path. Our students learn the physiological processes the body goes through as it is healing, as well as the proper techniques to use to facilitate the healing and rehabilitation processes.

We learn to apply techniques that discourage the formation of excess scar tissue, apply proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretches, apply lymphatic techniques, deep transverse friction, and post-surgical massage. All of these skills can help speed up the rehabilitation of the injured area.

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