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Advanced 450-Hour NMT Program

Neuromuscular Therapy

In Neuromuscular Therapy, one of our key areas of focus and study is Myofascial Trigger Points. Trigger Points are microscopic spasms that form at the neuromuscular junction, where the nervous system communicates with a muscle. We study the physiology of a healthy neuromuscular junction, what goes “wrong” to activate the trigger point, and then apply specific techniques to encourage the neuromuscular junction back to healthy function. A muscle with trigger points becomes weak, painful, and dysfunctional, and can pre-dispose a person to more serious injury. In fact, symptoms created by a trigger point can mimic other clinical conditions. For example, a trigger point in Pectoralis Major might feel like a heart attack, in Supraspinatus might feel like shoulder bursitis, in Pronator Teres might feel like carpal tunnel syndrome, in Gluteus Minimus like sciatica. Therapists learn a thorough assessment procedure known as HOPRS to differentiate between myofascial dysfunction and trigger points, and more serious dysfunction and injury. Techniques applied to re-create neuromuscular health include lymphatics, PNF stretching, deep transverse friction, myofascial release, somatics, and corrective actions.

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